The Navig8 Global Business System

The Navig8 Global Business System is a comprehensive system that will revolutionize the way you do business and help you achieve real results.

It was developed to support your Mannatech business with training, tools and resources that are EASY to learn, SIMPLE to use and, most importantly, DUPLICATABLE. Designed for both customers and business builders, you will find the Navig8 Global Business System has everything you need, all in one system that anyone can follow to be successful!

  • Compelling Business Cards - designed to cover the full range of Mannatech products and opportunities
  • Personalized Web Pages - featuring dynamic promo videos and autoresponders
  • Personalized Website for Member purchases and enrollment (Singapore only)
  • Professional Global Business Presentation - available to watch online or download
  • Navig8 Now - the fast-start guide to help you take action in your first seven days in business
  • Comprehensive Business Plotter - the all-in-one business guide with step-by-step instructions
  • Complete In-home Business Workshop and Product Party Resources - everything you need to host a successful in-home meeting
  • Subscriber's Area - powerful training modules, scripts, global business tools and much more
  • Navig8 Email Compiler - four simple steps to create and send professional emails with this complete global library and contact manager database
  • Training On Demand - global training on everything from business-building to personal and leadership development in a wide range of powerful video modules

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